The volcanic island

Lanzarote and the Chinijo Islands form a geopark of oceanic volcanic islands with not only an internationally relevant geological heritage, but also of great worth and conservation values, where it is possible to observe the interaction, through more than 15 Ma, between the volcanic, erosive and sedimentary processes, on land and water.


New solutions for new times

Lluís Pujol, manager of Saborea España; Eva María Masías, mayor of Ciudad Real; José Valle, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, and Juan Carlos Clemente, gastronomy adviser, shared the Worldcanic table to discuss how gastronomy has emerged as an attraction for tourist destinations.


“Bring back the spoon”

The manager of the Vegacosta Eco-estate (Tinajo), Toño Morales; a farmer ("only part-time"), José Domingo Rodríguez, and a journalist with a farming past, Salvador García-Arbós, describe the benefits of legumes grown in volcanic soil, and call for public appreciation of these foodstuffs.



Fina Puigdevall, winner of the 1st Worldcanic Award

The chef of Les Cols** (Olot) will receive the 1st Worldcanic Award for her defence of the volcanic area. The Catalan chef has undertaken to create a dish with ingredients from Lanzarote, which will be added to the menu of the island's tourist centres.




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